What to do when you royally screw up the dining experience

We’re all human.

We all make mistakes.

Sometimes, however, they’re huge mistakes.

In the restaurant industry, a mistake can be the difference between a guest who will return and spread word about how wonderful you are and one who departs in a rage that is subsequently expressed online… to the entire world.

Clearly, you don’t want that, so we […]

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What is the gig economy and how does it affect restaurants?

If you’ve turned on the news recently, you’ll almost definitely have witnessed a report featuring a brightly coloured Deliveroo rider navigating their way through a busy city centre.

As a key player in the gig economy revolution, Deliveroo has made headlines recently because of the growing media storm surrounding employee rights for subcontractors.
What’s Deliveroo?
Deliveroo is a British […]

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How to inspire loyalty among your diners

You’ve done everything; hired the best staff you could find, developed a modern, well-costed menu and implemented an awesome online restaurant booking system.

So, why aren’t diners returning after their first visit?

With the summer well under way, you may already have a bountiful booking diary, but what about later in the year? How can you convince […]

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Why your restaurant should consider introducing online ordering and delivery

Who’d have thought we’d one day be able to pick up a mobile phone and order a McDonald’s – for delivery…

Well, we’re now living in that age, with businesses like Ronald’s (because he owns it, doesn’t he?) and UberEATS starting something of an online ordering and delivery revolution in the restaurant industry.

Sure, the very thought of taking […]

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Why restaurants should combine online review feedback with secret diners

We all know how important online reviews are in the modern restaurant industry, but they shouldn’t overshadow a much more traditional form of feedback.

Secret diners remain a fantastic way for restaurateurs to place a fresh pair of eyes and set of tastebuds on their business.

The premise is simple; for a fairly small investment, a secret […]

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Dad-tastic Father’s Day marketing ideas for restaurants

With Father’s Day just around the corner, restauranteurs will be doing all they can to take advantage of an event that should help raise cover numbers for at least one night.

The National Restaurant Association has discovered that dinner is the most popular meal for those who choose to dine out on Father’s Day. With that […]

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How to get more followers on Instagram for your restaurant

There are over 600 million ‘Instagrammers’ (the term the company now uses to refer to its users).

That’s over half a billion people regularly postings images, sharing those posted by others and scouring their feed for photos of stuff they find interesting.

Imagine if, as a restauranteur, you could tap into just a tiny percentage of that […]

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The (definitive) death of Windows XP and what it means for your restaurant

Despite reports that appear to dilute the role Windows XP played in the spread of the WannaCry virus earlier this month, one fact remains: Windows XP is a very old operating system.

Like, really old.

Sure, Windows 7 was apparently the main catalyst for WannaCry’s foray into vital British institutions and businesses, but there’s no escaping the […]

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4 things you’re getting totally wrong with your restaurant marketing plan

It doesn’t make any sense.

Why is your restaurant practically empty every Friday night? You spent ages on that marketing campaign to draw punters in over the weekend, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

What’s more, you’ve noticed that cover numbers have been steadily reducing overall.

Why isn’t your restaurant marketing plan working?

The answer might be lying […]

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3 ways restaurants can use big data

If you Google ‘what is big data’, the answer you receive is likely to be something along the lines of:

“Big data refers to extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.”

In normal human speak, that simply means a huge amount of […]

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